Representatives from the Delaware Department of Correction attended the Commission on Correction panel hearing at the American Correctional Association conference in St. Louis, Missouri, on Aug. 19.

The Morris Community Correction Center, Central Violation of Probation and Howard R. Young Correctional Institution received ACA accreditation. Accreditation signals compliance with more than 1,000 industry standards including safety, security, inmate care, treatment programs, justice and administration best practices.

To achieve accreditation, each facility was subject to on-site visits conducted by ACA auditors and given a score. MCCC and CVOP audits were performed in April; HRYCI was scheduled in June. The score must be in excess of 90 percent of the total standards under review. In addition, there are designated mandatory standards that must be met at 100 percent. If a facility attains a score in excess of 90 percent and meets all mandatory standards, they will be considered for accreditation at the next scheduled ACA convention. The audit chairperson submits a report of compliance to the panel for further review.

Panel hearings are the final part of the accreditation process and a facility is not accredited until reviewed and certified by an assigned panel of commissioners. These commissioners represent ACA and serve an elected term on the Commission of Correction.

The DOC Central Administration Building, Sussex Correctional Institution, Community Supervision Units and Sussex Community Corrections Center have achieved accreditation.