Because of closings of oil refineries in Texas and the Gulf region due to flooding, gas prices are on the rise.

Less than a week since Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, gasoline prices in the Smyrna area have jumped between 15 and 20 cents per gallon.

Here are the prices for a gallon of regular unleaded gas at Smyrna stations as of 9:30 a.m. today, Aug. 31:

Valero, U.S. Route 13 and Glenwood Avenue, $2.55;

Valero, U.S. Route 13 and Joe Goldsborough/Paddock Road, $2.55;

Wawa, U.S. Route 13 at Jimmy Drive, $2.53;

Royal Farms, U.S. Route 13 at Glenwood Avenue, $2.53;

Shell, U.S. Route 13 at Duck Creek Road, $2.41;

Acme, Glenwood Avenue, $2.39;

Gas N Go, U.S. Route 13 at Monrovia Avenue, $2.33.

Prices at most stations in Smyrna have increased about 15 to 20 cents this week. For example, the price at Acme was $2.21 the morning of Aug. 30 and has increased by 18 cents. The price at Wawa the morning of Aug. 30 was $2.39 and has increased by 14 cents.

According to Ken Grant, manager of public and government affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic, the average price in Delaware on the morning of Aug. 28 was $2.25 per gallon, up five cents from Aug. 27.

The spike in prices is due to the closings of oil refineries in Texas and the Gulf area because of flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

About one quarter of the refining capacity in the region has been knocked offline, leading to more expensive gas prices across the country, Grant said.

“Despite the country’s overall oil and gasoline inventories being at or above five-year highs, until there is clear picture of damage and an idea when all refineries can return to full operational status, gas prices will continue to increase,” said Grant. “Pump prices are expected to climb at least through the Labor Day weekend, when drivers could pay the highest gas prices for the holiday in two years.”