The program is free but is limited to 12 participants. Advance registration is required by calling (302) 653-6449. Registration closes on Friday, Oct. 27.

The Smyrna Shade Tree Commission is presenting a free program titled "The Art and Science of Pruning" at the historic Perkins Homestead located at 36 S. Main St., Smyrna, Saturday, Oct. 28 from 2-4 p.m.

Although the program is free, registration is limited to 12 participants, and advance registration is required by calling (302) 653-6449.

Registration for this program closes on Friday, Oct. 27.

The program, which will be led by Shade Tree Commission member Quentin Schlieder, will include demonstrations on how to properly prune a wide variety of shrubs and trees. There are many reasons for pruning — to promote flowering, to invigorate a weakened plant or simply to bring an overgrown plant back into the scale of its landscape setting, or, in many cases, back down below the window ledge! But understanding the science of pruning is critical to proper pruning. Without it, long-term maintenance of plantings may become a costly nightmare, and the health of the plant may be jeopardized. Participants will learn how to protect and enhance their investment in their home landscaping.

The program will cover recommended pruning tools , pruning priorities, when to prune , types of pruning cuts, angle and placement of cuts and plant forms and how to properly maintain them. Participants will receive printed educational materials and will have the opportunity to discuss their own plant maintenance issues.

Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes, since some of the presentation will be outdoors.

Refreshments will be served following the conclusion of the presentation.

The mission of the Town of Smyrna Shade Tree Commission is to educate the public about the benefits of trees and their proper care, develop specific projects relating to the planning, management, care, planting and preservation of trees in the community forest, and for the beautification of the town.