The Federal Highway Administration and the Roadway Safety Foundation announced that Delaware is one of this year’s nine National Roadway Safety Award winners.

The biennial competition, which began in 1999, is an acknowledgement of successful approaches to improving roadway safety at the state and local level.

Delaware received the award for the use of a high-friction surface treatment that can reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities at locations where motorists brake frequently or where wet road surfaces reduce pavement friction, resulting in potential crashes. About 33,000 square yards of HFST has been installed at more than 20 locations throughout the state, reducing roadway departure crashes by 56 percent.

In Delaware, roadway departure crashes accounted for 40 percent of all traffic-related fatalities from 2007 to 2014 and 21 percent of all serious injury crashes in the state.

HFST is a type of ultra-thin pavement overlay that utilizes an epoxy resin or polymer binder and high-quality, polish-resistant aggregate. The additional skid resistance provided by this treatment allows motorists more opportunity to regain control of their vehicle, reduce their speed and stay on the roadway.

DelDOT also started evaluating intersection approaches where there are high rates of rear-end crashes to determine if the HFST can be installed to minimize skidding approaching stop-controlled and signal-controlled intersections.

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