The concept plan is similar to the town's guidelines for the new corridor zone, with buildings close to the highway and parking behind the buildings.

Annexation requests along U.S. Route 13 in Smyrna could lead to a development with retail shops and apartments.

Smyrna Town Council has set dates for annexations of properties along U.S. Route 13 including a current business and the site of a former restaurant where the new development is proposed.

The annexations have been requested by the property owners, according to Smyrna Planning and Zoning Manager Win Abbott.

The annexations will be considered Monday, Feb. 5 at 6:45 p.m. at Town Hall.

The first parcel is the site of Papa John’s Pizza, owned by Talley, Inc., at 1093 S. DuPont Boulevard.

The second parcel is the site of the former Thomas England House Restaurant, 1161 S. DuPont Boulevard, owned by Liborio III LLC.

The third parcel, 1165 S. DuPont Boulevard, is at the back of what was the former Thomas England House site, owned by Liborio III LP.

The proposal for the vacant land on the second and third parcels is for a mixed-use retail and apartment complex, Abbott said.

“I have seen a concept plan from the developer. It looks like the illustrations found in our online zoning code,” said Abbott. A sample illustration is pictured above.

If a parcel is shown on the town’s comprehensive plan as within the growth zone and it is contiguous to a parcel within town, it may be annexed, Abbott said. The adjacent parcel is within Smyrna town limits and is owned by Liborio Self Storage LLC. It may be annexed at the completion of a process that provides several opportunities for public input, Abbott said.

If the annexation request is approved by Town Council, a zoning designation from the municipal code must be made. All other parcels on DuPont Boulevard within town limits are zoned highway commercial (HC); however, in 2014, the town adopted ordinances that created new zones. The new zones are the north corridor zone (NCZ) and south corridor zone (SCZ). Existing parcels and their uses are “grandfathered” in. New parcels within the defined areas are given the NCZ or SCZ designation.

“The uses permitted in the NCZ/SCZ and HC zones are nearly identical. The new zones, however, are very prescriptive in terms of how buildings and parking appear,” said Abbott. “Specifically, buildings are close to the highway and parking is behind the building. Mixed residential and commercial uses on a given parcel are also a part of the description.”

If the annexation is approved, the next step will be the submission of a site plan.

“We post big yellow signs at the site and notify neighbors at least 15 days prior to the meeting when a plan is reviewed,” said Abbott.