The Smyrna High School wrestling program is hosting its annual Alumni Celebration on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at the match versus Sussex Tech at Smyrna High.

If you or your family and friends have been a part of the Smyrna wrestling program, the event organizers encourage you to come out that evening to be recognized.

A special tribute will be held for the members of the Smyrna High wrestling 100 Victories Club and for Buddy Lloyd who was inducted into the DWA Hall of Fame in October.

For more information, call Clay Lloyd at (302) 222-5685.

Below is a list of the members of the 100 Victories Club. If you know or have contact with any of them, please have them call Clay Lloyd.

2011-2014 BRENT FLEETWOOD(163)

2011-2014 TYLER CARNEY (120)

2013-2016 KALEN WILSON(120)

2007-2010 CODY CARBINE (118)


2007-2010 KENNY BOYLES (115)

1995-1998 HARRY BLENDT (114)

2008-2011 DAVID HERSHBERGER (110)

2002-2005 BRIAN FLETCHER (107)

2010-2013 ZACH BOYLES (104)

2006-2009 DONNIE MESSICK (104)

1994-1997 FRANKIE JOHNSON (102)

2001-2004 MICHAEL CRAIN (102)