From the pages of The Smyrna Times, Nov. 13, 1958

From the pages of
The Smyrna Times
November 13, 1958

Curtain Rises Thursday on Gala Holiday Bazaar
    The curtain rises next Thursday morning on one of the most unusual and exciting events that Smyrna has enjoyed in many years, when Asbury Methodist Church opens its Holiday Gift Bazaar at the Century Club House. This two-day event which begins at 11 a.m. Thursday, November 20, and closes Friday, November 21 at 10 p.m., will display the finest results of handcraft and skills of craftsmen throughout the area.
    Mrs. Henry T. Price, general chairman, has personally checked all committees, and every booth is alerted to make this an event that will be a high point of this holiday season.

Juniors Present New Mystery Play Tomorrow Night
    Curtain time is 8 p.m. at the John Bassett Moore High School auditorium when the annual junior play will be presented tomorrow night. This year’s production features a new play entitled “Murder Takes the Veil.”
    The play was adopted in 1957 from a book written in 1950 by Margaret L. Hubbard. It is the story of a private school turned into chaos by the appearance of a mysterious person seeking revenge on one of the students, Trillium. This student and her mother are the missing links in the chain of evidence for the murder of Trillium’s father.
    During a school play Helen, Trillium’s roommate, is inadvertently murdered; later a half blind Nun’s habit is stolen, a salesman murdered, and an attempt of murder is made on Trillium herself. This is but a bane outline of the thrills and excitement that this entirely new play has in store for those who will attend this year’s performance.
    An entire new stage set, plus new lighting arrangements, have been planned and made for this production which is produced by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago, and directed by George L. Caley.

Four June Grads Depart for Training at Kentucky Base
    Four members of the 1958 graduating class of John Bassett Moore High School departed Saturday for six months National Guard training at Fort Knox, Ky. Pvt. Vernon D. Johnson, Jr., Pvt. David I. Price Jr., Pvt. Horace E. Pugh, Jr., and Pvt. John D. Scott boarded their train at 5:30 p.m. at the Pennsylvania Railroad station, Wilmington, on the first leg of their trip.
    After being treated to three meals and a night of rest in their private compartments aboard the train, they arrived at Louisville, Ky. at 11:30 Sunday morning. There they were met by a bus that transported them to the reception station at Fort Knox. They remained there for three days, receiving clothes and taking aptitude tests.
    The four guardsmen were then transferred to an Infantry Company where they will receive eight weeks of basic combat training. After completing this phase of the program, they will return to Smyrna for a fourteen day leave. Each will then enter an eight-week school of his choice.
    Upon graduation, each man will spend eight more weeks in a regular army unit. Performing the task for which he has been trained. This will end their tour of active duty, and they return home to complete their military obligation as members of the 197th AAA Bn (AW) (SP) Delaware National Guard, participating one night a week at the Allen McLane Armory.

Carole Wickham Chosen Member of College Dancers
    Miss Carole Ann Wickham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Wickham of Smyrna, was among twelve girls chosen as new members of the Modern Dance Club at the University of Delaware. Tryouts were held recently in the mirror room of the Women’s Gym.
    The girls were divided into two groups, one doing individual skills and the second emphasizing group coordination. The final decision was made by the members of the club in a discussion of each individual’s ability, potential and lack of inhibition.
    Miss Nancy Williams, 1958 Miss Delaware, a junior at the University and member of the club, stated that all the hopefuls were good, and she was well pleased with the new members chosen.
    Miss Wickham, a freshman Home Economics major, is a 1958 graduate of Smyrna High School.