From the pages of The Smyrna Times, Dec. 6, 1933

From the pages of
The Smyrna Times
December 6, 1933
Federal Prohibition Ended Through Nation
    Utah yesterday added the 36th ratification to the 21st Amendment and thereby terminated Federal prohibition throughout the nation.
    Final action was at 5:30 p.m., following the action of Pennsylvania and Ohio, the 34th and 35th states.
    Despite the actual repeal of the 18th Amendment, Delawareans went to bed dry last night because of the paradox of the sale of liquor being legal amid the absence of a legal supply to sell.
    With the official report that the 36th state had cast its deciding vote for repeal, President Roosevelt issued a doubly purposed proclamation, putting an official end to Prohibition and calling on Americans to help restore respect for law and order. The President made a special plea that no state authorize return of the saloon either in its old form or in a new guise, and said the objective being sought through a national policy was education of every citizen toward greater temperance. In asking for cooperation with the government in an effort to restore respect for law and order, the President enjoined all citizens and others in the United States to confine their purchases of alcoholic beverages solely to licensed dealers.
    “The policy of the government will be to see to it that the social and political evils that have existed in the pre-prohibition era shall not be revived nor permitted again to exist,” he said. “We must remove forever from our midst the menace of the bootlegger and such others as would profit at the expense of good government and law and order.
Public Works Projects Planned for Jobless; Protest Over Additional Allocation of Funds
    That there is now available for public works projects the sum of $7,864,000 to provide relief for the needy of the state without one additional dollar being appropriated by the present special session of the General Assembly, was the statement made in the House early last week by Representative Hopkins who quoted as his authority State Treasurer George S. Williams.
    Dr. Hopkins said the detailed figures which he gave had been compiled by Mr. Williams and issued by him in a report made public yesterday.
    It was further stated by a high state official that the public has never before been apprised of this fact, that those who knew it had reasons for not telling it, and that “the rest seem to have been so kept in the dark that many of us were ignorant of the fact.”
    It was further charged that certain persons have been endeavoring to exploit the public treasury by playing upon the sympathies of the people of Delaware by making them believe that thousands of women and children are on the verge of starvation in order to get another $2,500,000 of the state’s funds, thus bringing the total sum to more than $10,000,000 for a public works program.
    Dr. Hopkins in submitting his statement to the House, as based on the data which he said had been compiled by Mr. Williams, enumerated the following funds that are actually in had to be expended on projects that are incorporated in a public works program:
    $1,800,000 from the Federal Government for highways, plus over $1,000,000 of state funds for the same purpose, already authorized;
    $600,000 from the government as a gift for direct relief, which in the statement is termed “doles pure and simple, in the hands of the state at the disposition of the Governor for months;”
    $1,500,000 which the General Assembly appropriated last January for a school building program in Wilmington plus a 30 percent gift to this fund from the Federal Government;
    $1,000,000 for school buildings outside the City of Wilmington, plus the government’s 30 percent gift;
    $800,000 from the CWA for work relief;
    $200,000 from the government for mosquito control plus $14,000 added to that “hallucination” by the state;
    nearly $200,000 additional state projects authorized in January, yet to be completed, many of which will receive 30 percent additional from the Federal Government.
    These funds bring the total to $7,864,000 Dr. Hopkins pointed out.
    “I stand here to protest against the state borrowing another $2,500,000,” declared Dr. Hopkins when he had finished his statement “and I shall not vote for a loan in that amount to saddle this additional debt upon this state.”
Welfare Home in Smyrna Asks for $500,000
    That the State Welfare Home at Smyrna may function properly and that the handicaps under which it is now being operated may be removed, an appropriation of $500,000 is essential to defray the costs of much needed improvements and additions, according to Alfred I. duPont, the architect, who has written to Senator E.B. Griffenberg, appealing to him to urge the adoption of a bill that has been introduced in the Legislature to appropriate this amount to the institution.
    Mr. duPont says this sum is not an arbitrary figure but has been arrived at after carefully computing the exact cost of the necessary buildings and furnishings.
    “You probably know,” Mr. duPont writes, “that there are now some 200 eligible for the home who cannot be taken care of; that the staff is compelled to find living quarters elsewhere; that the laundry has to be sent out; that all of the food is prepared in a temporary kitchen, and there is only one boiler in the power house. It is evident that it is not economical and practical to operate the home under these handicaps….”
Smyrna School Additions Planned
    Detailed plans and specifications are being rushed through by the architects, Brown and Whiteside, Wilmington, for the additions and alterations to the present school building in Smyrna.
    It is expected that the Smyrna School Building Commission will meet sometime during the coming week to approve the plans, and it is hoped that the specifications will be in definite form for bids to be received by the first of the year.
Bids Announced for Fleming’s Landing Bridge
    Members of the Kent County Levy Court today attended the meeting of the New Castle County Levy Court at which bids for the new Fleming’s Landing Bridge across the Smyrna River were opened. Kent County is to bear half the cost of the new bridge.
    The lowest bid was S.D. Collins of Port Penn, $22,316.16, work to be completed April 5….
First Delaware Day Holiday Tomorrow
    Tomorrow is Delaware Day and Smyrna will join with other towns in displaying the flag and otherwise marking the event.
    Delaware has always been proud that she was the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution but this year is the first in her history that a Delaware Governor has been authorized by legislative act to proclaim the anniversary, December 7, as an official state holiday.
    When thirty delegates met in the old State House on the Dover green December 7, 1787, and approved the new form of Federal Government for the Thirteen Colonies, it was a daring act. The other states were hesitating and fearful to take the plunge. But, satisfied that she would have equal representation in the national Senate with the larger states, Delaware blazed the way.
    Five days after Delaware’s assent, Pennsylvania ratified with a two-thirds majority vote. Delaware’s vote had been unanimous.
    As a reward, Delaware has been given the cognomen, “the First State of the Union.” Hers is the first star on the national flag; hers, the first stripe. Her delegations are accorded first place in national parades and as the states pass the reviewing stand on inaugural occasions, Delaware’s representatives are in the van. Yet, during all those intervening 145 years since the first ratification, Delaware Legislatures have never officially declared December 7 as a state holiday, meriting official celebration.
    The movement for “Delaware Day” was recently started in the lower end of the state. It was taken up by Rotarians, Kiwanians, Grangers and other civic organizations. The idea gained momentum until a month ago, the Legislature, in special session, unanimously adopted a resolution in honor of her constitutional convention delegates at Philadelphia and her state constitutional delegates at Dover.
    The Legislature resolved that the Governor be authorized to issue a proclamation calling upon the citizens to display the state flag and national flag December 7 of each year and to invite the people to observe the day in schools, churches, and civic organizations with appropriate celebrations.
Smyrna Plans for Christmas
    At a meeting of the Smyrna Business Men’s Association at the Smyrna Fire Hall Friday night, plans were furthered for the Yuletide season soon to be celebrated.
    It was decided to have the Christmas street lights again this year but to dispense with an Old Kris and the giving out of toys, candy, and other gifts to the children.
    J.C. Mannering and Clifford Jones were appointed a decorating committee and have already started to have the strings of red and green Christmas lights put up in the business section of Commerce and Main streets.
    Davis C. Harrison Post, No. 14, American Legion of Smyrna, as usual will furnish the Community Christmas Tree to be erected in the place of the traffic light at the Four Corners….
    It is the plan to have the lights strung and turned on by December 13. In this connection the Business Men’s Association is urging citizens to place Christmas trees on their laws or porches and to cooperate in a “town beautiful” over the Christmastide. As an incentive for this there will be a $5.00 prize for the best electrically decorated home and $2.50 for the next best….
Basketball Season Begins Next Week
    The Smyrna High School basketball season will be opened on Thursday evening, December 14th, with the Middletown High School teams being our opponents. Both boys and girls will participate in this contest.
    This year’s schedule contains eleven contests or games, the opposing teams being Middletown, Delaware City, Caesar Rodney, Dover, Harrington, and Petersburg Vocational School, Petersburg, Pennsylvania. Six of the eleven games will be played on the local court.
    There will be both boys and girls teams represented in all of these contests with the exception of Petersburg.
American Legion Auxiliary Organizes Junior Group
    The Juniors of the American Legion Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. Grant Garis on Saturday afternoon.
    There were seven member present and they elected their officers as follows: President, Marie Faries; Vice-president, Pauline Bickling; Secretary, Betty VanPelt; Treasurer, Mary Emma Bell.
    The girls are very enthusiastic about their work and are planning to make Christmas booklets of crossword puzzles for the ex-servicemen at Perry Point Hospital.