Part of three-school change, with high school Associate Principal Elise Baerga going to JBM Intermediate School, and JBM Associate Principal Pat Grant moving to North Elementary, starting Jan. 5.

    Due to a scheduling conflict, the Smyrna School District Board of Education met on Thursday, December 18 rather than the usual Wednesday monthly date. 
    At the meeting at Smyrna Middle School, board members discussed the new associate principal at the high school, a new security system, and curriculum updates.
New high school associate principal
    Under personnel matters, the board approved the administration’s recommendation for Smyrna High School chemistry teacher Stacy Cook to be promoted to associate principal at the high school. 
    Elise Baerga, the current high school associate principal, is moving to JBM Intermediate School to take over for Associate Principal Pat Grant when he moves to the associate principal’s job at North Elementary. North has not had an associate principal for the first half of the school year, since David Morrison left to become principal at Smyrna Elementary.
Bids opened for high school work
    In the high school there are three technological changes being made: the integrated security management system, network cabling, and air and water system balancing.
    Finance Director Jerry Gallagher said the air and water system balancing is for heating and cooling.
    “After putting in a new system, you have to make sure they’re working properly,” he said.
    The network cabling is the computer cabling throughout the building.
    Also, the alarm and security systems are being integrated.
    “We put a new fire alarm system in about two years ago. We’re tying the new security system in with the alarm and camera system,” said Gallagher.
    Bids for the project have been opened and the engineering firm for the district did a preliminary review.
    “Probably by next week the engineers will send final recommendations,” Gallagher said. “Usually when you open bids you have a 30-day window.”
Reading and writing programs
    Curriculum Supervisor Sandy Shalk gave updates on programs in the schools such as CraftPlus, Plugged Into Reading, and Response To Intervention (RTI).
    CraftPlus is a writing program that emphasizes modeling. It shows the students a literature model and they study it. Plugged into Reading is for varied reading levels to accommodate to all readers. RTI is a system to support each student in reading and math. RTI is a way of helping identify students who need extra practice.
    Shalk has talked about these initiatives at previous board meetings, and he reported that all of the programs were working well.
Next board meeting
    The next Smyrna School District Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 21 at 7 p.m., at Smyrna High School.