From the pages of The Smyrna Times, March 17, 1960

From The Smyrna Times,
March 17, 1960

Fast-thinking lad rescues youth in Lake Como

Robert L. Riddagh, 13, son of Mayor and Mrs. Robert W. Riddagh, was rescued about 4:30 p.m. Sunday from Lake Como by Tommy Stachecki, a high school senior, who was in a car with his girlfriend, Mary Jane Starkey. They were riding along Main Street toward DuPont Parkway when Mary Jane told him that she though she saw a boy in a red coat lying on the ice offshore in back of the home of Dr. Ralph B. Jones.

Tommy drove quickly back along Lake Drive and ran in and told the Jones family that there was a boy in the lake. Thinking quickly, Tommy unfastened a garden hose from the faucet and ran out on the ice and threw it out to the boy and pulled him in. Meanwhile, Mrs. Jones called the Smyrna police. Dr. Jones and his son, Brandon, went out with a rope, but the Stachecki boy was bringing the Riddagh boy in.

David Todd, member of the local police force, who had just cruised around the Lake Como area, was on Hamilton Lane when he got a radio call from the State Police in his car. He hurried to the Jones home and took the boy to the mayor’s home on Lake Drive, not far from the scene of the rescue. Young Riddagh was alone and walked out on the ice which seemed solid, but he told his father that suddenly it got soft and he fell in, but clung to the edge of the ice.

Snowstorms cut school vacation

Officials of the Smyrna Special School District have announced that Easter vacation, originally scheduled to begin on Monday, April 11, will now begin on Wednesday, April 13 thru Monday, April 18, inclusive. This change has been made necessary as a result of days lost due to snow.

Clayton firemen install Whalen as president, Berghorn as chief

William Whalen has been elected to the presidency of the Clayton Volunteer Fire Company.
Others named to serve in executive posts during the 1960 year are Marshall Clough, vice president; William Carrow, secretary; Bernard Morman, treasurer; and Carlton Bilbrough, Paul Loder, Lewis C. Conoway Sr., Arthur Dickerson, and William Bowers, directors.

Robert Berghorn was installed as the new chief. Appointed as fire recorder was William Ogden.
Robert Berghorn, outgoing president, was awarded a gavel at the annual President’s Dinner.
A trophy was presented to William Bowers on his election as the “outstanding fireman of the year.”

Eight team merger joins Kent, Mar-Del baseball leagues

An eight-team merger involving the Kent and Mar-Del baseball leagues has been effected, according to announcement made known here today by Thomas L. Emerson, president of the newly-formed organization.

Involved in the two-league consolidation are Smyrna, Clayton, Leipsic, Hartly, and Sudlersville of the three-year-old Kent League, and Rock Hall of the long standing Mar-Del circuit.

The new operation, to be known as the Kent Marl-Del League, will embark on a 14-game regular season schedule on May 15. Post-season playoffs involving the top four teams will commence in September.

Consolidation with the Kent circuit could possible mean the end of the 27-year old Mar-Del organization. The league was first founded back in 1932 by veteran Delaware sports figure Pat Knight. It has functioned continuously ever since, except for a brief period during the war years when play was disbanded.