From the pages of The Smyrna Times, Sept. 19, 1935

From The Smyrna Times,
Sept. 19, 1935

Proposal for tunnel under Delaware River

Permission to build a $10,000,000 vehicular tunnel under the Delaware River a few miles above Wilmington was granted a new corporation Monday by New Jersey’s Board of Commerce and Navigation. The Wilmington Deepwater Tunnel Company of Camden, formed a month ago, planned next to get approval of the federal government….

Before a tunnel can be built, it was reintereated, the company will have to obtain not only federal permission, but will need sanction by an act of the Delaware State Legislature….

Unlike the Holland Tunnel which was bored through solid rock far beneath the Hudson River, the Delaware tunnel would be built in 200-foot sections on land and floated out into the river. Each section would be sunk in its proper place and deep sea divers would bolt it onto the preceding section. Sections near each shore would be laid in huge trenches and covered. After all sections are laid, the water would be pumped out….

The incorporation papers for the company pointed out that 654,787 vehicles crossed ferries in the Wilmington-Penn’s Grove section of the river last year. The company said it would charge “considerably less” than the fare charged by the ferries….

Former local boy on Philadelphia Democratic ticket

Gilbert Spruance, son of the late Edward Spruance, who was born and raised in this vicinity, was the successful nominee at the Philadelphia primaries Tuesday, in being named the Democratic candidate for sheriff.

Mr. Spruance is a prominent paint manufacturer of Philadelphia and a brother of Mrs. Nan Spruance Jones, frequent visitor to Smyrna.

He moved to Philadelphia 45 years ago when he was but 16 years of age. He was successful in getting a job in a paint shop on Market Street near Eighth Street. He worked for many concerns and it was about 27 years after his start that he founded his own company which has grown into one of the best known industries of its kind in the city….

Hundreds attend Friendship Church homecoming

Over 400 persons Sunday attended the homecoming services in the Friendship M.E. Church in Thoroughfare Neck a few miles from Smyrna. A delightful autumn day greeted the occasion.

Friendship Church is on the Odessa charge of which the Rev. F. Charles Louhoff Jr., is pastor.

The visitors, former members of the church, came from Philadelphia, New Jersey, Wilmington and the surrounding region….

Mrs. Frank H. Hynson and daughter, Mary, of Smyrna, sang during the morning service.

A song service was held at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, led by Miss Bessie Murray of the Salvation Army in Wilmington….

The Rev. James C. Eelman, of Plainfield, N.J., delivered a sermon at 3 o’clock. Mr. Eelman is conducting evangelistic services in the church all this week, continuing until Friday night.