Smyrna's Farmer's Market has a tentative start date of Saturday, June 16.

WHAT WE’VE REPORTED For the past few months, a small group of people in Smyrna has been working on starting a farmer’s market in the downtown area. While there’s been suggestions of such plans for a few years, this idea became more of a possibility when resident Robin Bruner responded to an email from the Delaware Economic Development Office. From there the project has blossomed.

“We’ve been talking and talking saying wouldn’t it be great to have a farmer’s market in Smyrna,” Bruner previously said. “This is a chance for us to fill in the gaps for produce not available downtown.”

AmeriCorp VISTA worker Carly James, who works in the DEDO office, has been a facilitator with the project.

A month ago, meetings consisted of deciding what they should feature at the market and where it should go. As for a start date, James said talks were very much preliminary and that it could be next year before the market starts.

“It’s too early but the goal is next year,” she said.

WHAT’S NEW The committee planning the farmer’s market has made progress over the past few weeks and even has a tentative start date of Saturday, June 16. The market will be on South Market Street Plaza.

“The Smyrna Farmer’s Market Steering Committee is really in a strong place. Vendor applications will be available on the town website soon, and we’re starting to look into sponsorships and other funding revenues,” James said.

Since news broke about the possibility of a market, James said that she has gotten phone calls and emails from community members expressing the need for something such as a farmer’s market downtown.

“The community has shown overwhelming support of what we’re doing. We’re proud to see that this kind of demand exists for a market downtown,” she said.

WHAT’S NEXT The committee is still trying to pinpoint what they want at the market and will soon be taking applications for vendors. Other than local produce, the committee members have said they’re looking for a variety of vendors of quality, homemade items from local artisans.

The committee will even have an informational table at Smyrna’s Arbor Day event on Saturday, April 28. The community can expect information about the market and vendor applications. Anyone interested in helping with the market or learning about what the committee is doing should stop by the booth.

Along with continuing to plan the farmer’s market, the committee is sending out electronic updates to individuals who requested further information as part of the community interest survey.

“We’re always interested in any comments and/or suggestions from the community. We are also looking to engage those who are interested in helping to plan for and/or volunteer at the market,” James said.

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