Democrat Andria Bennett easily defeated Republican Ellis Parrott with 63.3 percent of the vote in the 32nd District.

Democrat Andria Bennett easily defeated Republican Ellis Parrott with 63 percent of the vote in the 32nd District, according to unofficial results posted by the Delaware Department of Elections.

Bennett won with 4,097 votes while Parrott garnered 2,372 votes.

Bennett's impressive victory followed up her convincing victory in the September primary, when she captured 60.6 percent.

In January, she will be sworn into the same seat held by her husband, outgoing State Rep. Brad Bennett (D-Dover).

Parrott, meanwhile, had failed in his plan to bolster his conservative Republican base by convincing Independents that comprised 25 percent of the electorate and Blue Dog Democrats to vote for him.

Parrott and Kent County Republican Committee chairman Hans Reigle believed winning this seat would have helped the GOP eliminate the one-party rule enjoyed by Democrats in the General Assembly and provide for more checks and balances.

"With one-party rule, the Democrats can pass any bill they wish without any conversation from the Republicans," Parrot had said. "That isn't the way our Founding Fathers set this system."

Andria Bennett and Kent County Democratic Chairwoman Abby Betts believed voters would overlook Brad Bennett's 60-day sentence for pleading guilty to DUI the same way they did for the September primary when Andria Bennett won in convincing fashion. In the midst of her campaign, Brad Bennett was admitted to Howard R. Young Correctional Institution, also known as Gander Hill, in Wilmington on Oct. 4 to serve two months for his second DUI offense. He was released from Gander Hill into supervised, home confinement on Oct. 11.

"Voters care about which candidate is going to work hard and make the 32nd District their number one priority every day, " Andria Bennett had said.

She said the strong, hardworking team she assembled helped her reach out to as many individual voters in the 32nd district as possible.