Smyrna Town Council received an update on the progress of the future Duck Creek Regional Library Monday night at their council meeting.

The presentation was given by Tim Sparrow and Dana Wattay, president and treasurer of the Friends of the Duck Creek Regional Library, formerly known as the Smyrna Public Library Guild.

Sparrow said the purpose of the presentation was to update what the group has been working on over the past year.

It was noted during the discussion that the groups involved haven't always agreed in terms of the future library. Moreover, Wattay noted a major concern has been for the library to remain in Smyrna.

"We worked very hard and that's our commitment to keep it [the library] here in Smyrna but to serve the existing region," Wattay said.

That is one of the things the group accomplished this year. Along with enhancing the group's website and attending local service group meetings to increase awareness, the group also signed a purchase agreement for two parcels of land in downtown Smyrna off of East Commerce Street.

In January, the group expects to have the results of a study done by the University of Delaware regarding the governance of libraries. The firm of Fearn Clendaniel Architects has been hired to complete a needs assessment, as the 2008 assessment is old. The group also needs to raise more money to actually purchase the land for the library. Sparrow said they also plan to keep working with the town and the current library in the process as the input is invaluable.

"We need everybody's involvement…the community, the town," Sparrow said. "It's very important that you give us your opinions so that we can move forward together as a strong unit."

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