Citizens' Hose Company No.1, of Smyrna, held its annual Officer Installation and Awards Ceremony on Jan. 7. The evening included the installation of the 2013 fire line officers, administrative officers, and the auxiliary. The ceremony also honored Smyrna firefighters for their hard work over the past year.


Fireman of the Year was awarded to Past Chief Gerald Mood for attending the most overall fire company functions in 2012.

Firefighter of the Year was awarded to Lt. David Hufford Jr.

There was no School Probational Member Award given out this year.

Life membership awards were given to Christopher Merrill, John Love, and Randy Jones for 30 credit years of service. Christy Willis and Marie Pierson were awarded Certificates of Appreciation from Past Chief Isaac Willis for their assistance in videography of company marching practices and the convention parade. Jeffrey Fletcher was given a Certificate of Appreciation from Past Chief Willis for his service as the chief's aide.

The following were given awards for Fire Alarm Attendance since joining the department: Memphis Evans, 7,090 alarms; John C. Caldwell Sr., 5,191 alarms; Robert T. Ennis, 4,100 alarms; James Morgan, 3,100 alarms; John Morgan, 3,039 alarms; T. Blake Bowers, 2,192 alarms; Robert Daniels, 2,162 alarms; David Williams, 2,107 alarms; John Love, 2,039 alarms; Robert D. Newnam, 2,029 alarms; and Albert Lenox, 1,186 alarms.


The 2013 fire line are as follows: Isaac Hankins, fire chief; Jay Pappas, 1st assistant chief; Brian Jarrell, 2nd assistant chief; Jonathan Rutledge, captain; Easley Pierson Jr., captain; Eric Neeld, lieutenant; Jason Hansen, lieutenant; Michael Everett Jr., lieutenant; David Hufford Jr., lieutenant; David Williams, chief engineer; John Love Sr., assistant chief engineer; Donald Alexander, engineer; Allen Wayne Ford, engineer; Thomas E. Sullivan Jr., engineer; Robert L. Lightcap, fire police; Richard Schwalb, fire police; Bruce Ballard, fire police; Thomas Bowers, fire police; Albert Lenox, fire police; Edward James Blanchfield, supply officer; Curtis Heath, supply officer; and Eugene T. Tucker, public information officer.

The 2013 administrative officers are as follows: Chris Hudson, president; John C. Caldwell Sr., vice president; Kenneth Steele, secretary and fire recorder; T. Blake Bowers, treasurer and chaplain; Ralph Paul Jones, historian, Noah J. Williams Sr., trustee; Brooks R. Keen, director; Jay Pappas, director; Kenneth Steele, director; T. Blake Bowers, director; Isaac Hankins, director; Isaac Willis, director; Grant Nash, director; Chris Hudson, director; Alan F. Robinson Jr., director; Bruce C. Ennis, director; James Austin Blanchfield Jr., director; and Gerald J. Mood, director.

The 2013 auxiliary officers are as follows: Mike O'Malley, president; Debbie Bowers, vice president; Catherine Simon, secretary; Bonnie Steele, assistant secretary; Kristy Hankins, treasurer; Marie Pierson, assistant treasurer; Sunday Schnieder, financial secretary; and Billie Jean Knoz, assistant financial secretary.

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