“Make A Lifetime A Legacy”. Your family member's life in a video journey accompanied by treasured family photos and home movie footage.
This week we primiere The Heirloom Video for Jack Carney, father of our US Congressman, John Carney. John was one of 9 children. 19 grandchildren in the family!
We interview and document Dad/Mom's life to pass along to children & grandchildren.
We begin with a cozy chat between the client and Greer Firestone. We go over a list of general questions. Then we set a time for me to interview and videographer Chris Senge to film. Back to the studio for editing and photo uploading.
The final product will be a DVD filming those chosen to be interviewed. It could be Mom or Dad or even additional members of the family with their own recollections.
Inserted chronologically are family photos and perhaps film clips that you prepare for us. The photos should be out of frames for better resolution. They should be numbered and captioned, i.e. "1971 Rehoboth Beach", "Christmas '73".
Those photos not used in the client's conversation will be in a slide show at the very end.
For pricing: 302.494.3133