Smyrna Town Council approved a motion at their Feb. 19 meeting to reinstate the town's Compensation Committee.

Mayor Pat Stombaugh and Councilman Anthony DeFeo were not at the meeting to vote.

Councilman Bob Johnson said the purpose of reenacting the committee is for the committee to look at the compensation of council.

"We're not saying anything will come out of it," Johnson said. "We just want the committee set back up."

Town Council members currently make $25 per regular or special council meeting.

Councilman Jeff Flairty raised several concerns with the motion; Flairty wasn't at the meeting but called in to participate.

First Flairty questioned the motion, which originally was to appoint five residents – Robert Newnam, Temple Carter, George Wright, Robin Bruner, and Jim Veit – because he didn't understand why council was appointing members when they hadn't even formed the committee.

Councilwoman Valerie White said that the committee was formed several years ago and that several council members asked to reinstate it.

Eventually the original motion was withdrawn but a new motion was made to reinstate the committee.

Flairty said there would be two reasons to pass the motion, because either council believes they aren't getting the right people on council because members aren't compensated enough, or current members believe they should be paid more.

"I have serious issues with that," Flairty said. "I don't think we should be the ones requesting a pay raise for ourselves."

Johnson said the point of the committee is to have a barometer to see what the committee thinks of council.

Council passed the motion, but couldn't approve the appointments of the members due to a statute in the charter that requires members be on at least three standing committees, with one member on the Finance Committee.

Town to put lights on South Carter Road

Town Manager Dave Hugg informed council that Carter Road from Sunnyside Road to Route 13 will be receiving LED lights thanks to Rep. Bill Carson, who has agreed to cover the cost of the $25,000 project out of his state funds.

Hugg said town crews have been instructed to install the 20 lights required to properly light that portion of Carter Road.

Election Board sworn in

Council swore in the members of the Election Board. The members are Richard A. Ruben, Marian Bower, Naomi Wayman, Patricia Musto, Beryl Cook, Kathy Clough, and Mary Lou Kaltenbaugh.

Rotary Club road closure approval

Council gave approval for the Smyrna-Clayton Rotary Club to close Market Street Saturday, May 11 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the club's car show.

Council votes down Little League sponsorship

Council decided against sponsoring a Smyrna-Clayton Little League team this year.

Johnson said that the Finance Committee recommends waiting until the all-star travel team starts and supporting the team then.

White asked if the amount would be the same as originally requested, but Johnson said it could be more. White then said that sponsoring one team could lead to other organizations asking the town for money in forms of sponsorship.

"As we sit here and say we have to be financially responsible, I think we should take that into consideration," White said.

Johnson said the all-star season doesn't start until roughly June so council has plenty of time to discuss the topic.

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