Students and staff at Clayton Elementary recently raised over $2,300 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through the Pennies for Patients fundraiser.

Teacher Faith Drobinski said this is among the best totals the school as a whole has raised for the organization.

"Usually we raise around $2,000, but this is one of the highest amounts we've ever reached," Drobinski said.

The fact that the school continues to raise large sums of money towards fundraisers is astonishing to Drobinski.

"Even with these economic hard times, the people are very giving," she said. "Every fundraiser, they just give a lot."

The school had about three weeks to do the fundraiser, Drobinski said.

Fourth grader Natalie Dias raised over $500. She said when her brother was in school, he raised a lot of money for fundraisers such as Pennies for Patients, and he passed it on to her. Dias said she feels good to have raised so much money.

And the fundraising isn't over as Drobinski is competing to raise enough money for the Delaware Chapter of LLS to be crowned their Woman of the Year. Every dollar donated is counted as one vote. The "Man & Woman of the Year" titles are award to the man and woman who raise the most money towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Drobinski has Dias on her team to help raise money towards the cause.

"This is a great cause. Unfortunately too many people are affected by this disease and we need to find a cure," Drobinski said.

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