Clayton Town Council reorganized Monday night during their council meeting.

Little changes were made during the election of officers as there is only one new face on council. The reorganization was originally scheduled for the May meeting, but was tabled due to the absences of council members Alex Dias and Mary Ellen DeBenedictis.

Tom Horn retained his post as mayor/president of council while Alex Dias also retained his post as vice mayor. Councilman Dave Letterman and Councilwoman Mary Ellen DeBenedictis will continue as the treasurer and secretary of council. Councilman Skip Carrow was appointed as the assistant treasurer.

There were, however, a few changes made to the town committees. Town Foreman Jeff Hurlock and Police Chief Brian Hill will continue to act in advisor positions for certain committees. The committees are as follows:

Electric – Dias, DeBenedictis, and HornStreet – Letterman, Carrow, and HornWater & Sewer – Carrow, DeBenedictis, and LettermanEquipment – DeBenedictis, Horn and CarrowPersonnel – DeBenedictis, Letterman, DiasPolice – Dias, Letterman, and CarrowBudget – Letterman, Horn, DeBenedictis, Dias, and CarrowDEMEC – DeBenedictisCouncil has an opening on both the Board of Adjustments and Planning & Zoning. Horn said any citizens interested in serving on either committee should leave their name and contact information with the town. Council postponed the approval of the Appeals Board as it wasn't on the agenda.

Amendment to Electric Ordinance approved

Council approved an amendment to the Electric Ordinance in reference to utility charges. Dias read aloud the amendment prior to approval. He said the amendment creates a $30 processing fee for insufficient funds. The amendment states customers in violation will receive two calendar days to pay the bill. Failure to pay the balance owed, accrued late fees, and the processing fee will result in termination of service.

The changes were made to address the number of incidents the town has received bad checks.

Committee formed for police station expansion

Council approved the forming of a new committee to look into closing the car port at town hall for the purposes of expanding the Clayton Police Department.

Horn said the point of the committee is to find an easy way to expand the department without doing any major work. Dias, Carrow and Horn will serve on the committee.

Currently there is no front entrance to the police department so the entrance is more or less through town hall, Letterman said.

Hill said the officers are forced to bring suspects and prisoners in through the town hall entrance, which puts the staff at risk.

"The objective is to have a separate entrance for the police station," Letterman said.

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