My uniform. Mom Shaming. SPANX-kini. These are just some of the most popular posts readers can find on Clayton woman Susan McLean's popular blog "Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva."

McLean, 35, hails from Wilmington and moved to Clayton a few years ago with her family. She's married with three kids and after working in 'Corporate America' decided to become a stay-at-home mom in 2008.

McLean decided after some time as a stay-at-home mom to start writing a blog as a way to connect with other adults.

"I was spending so much time with my three- and one-year-old I felt like I was going to have a breakdown," McLean said. "My brain was turning to mush. I knew I was losing my brain capacity when I said to another adult, 'Did you see Elmo's World today? It was so funny.'"

Since the family joke is they're a bunch of storytellers who tell the same stories over and over again, McLean's husband suggested she write a blog. What started out as something she shared with family and friends a few years ago expanded to the point McLean is featured in books, magazines and has been named Best Blog Reader's Choice Downstate this year by Delaware Today. She's even been featured on The Dr. Oz Show.

What does McLean write about in her blog? McLean said readers won't find any helpful hints for cooking and cleaning on her blog as she prefers to be more 'tongue-in-cheek." She writes about her experiences as a mom, her aging body, fashion and more. She never pokes fun at her family and friends though, and instead chooses to do a lot of self-deprecation.

For example, her latest post gives a humorous recounting of what happened when she attempted to dance while using a mandolin to cut vegetables. McLean ended up in the hospital having to get stitches.

"A lot of the things I write about are stressful when they happen but I tell myself I'm going to laugh about it later. I want other people to know they may be going through the worst possible things but they should let it go and laugh," McLean said. "I think it's just about perspective. When I chopped my finger, I cried like a baby but the next day it was funny."

Some things McLean writes about are humorous such as the compliments from her children that are actually insults. Other topics are more serious but McLean gives them a laughable spin such as baking items she can't eat because she has Celiac Disease. Her chapter in the published book "I Just Want to Pee Alone" – a collection of essays about motherhood – tells the story of difficulties McLean had following her first childbirth.

For McLean sharing these stories and making people laugh is something that makes her feel good. Currently she's writing her blog on a part-time basis but once all three of her children are in school full-time, McLean hopes to do more.

"I enjoy writing. I enjoy interacting with people. I get as much out it as other people do. It's a surprising endeavor," McLean said.

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