This summer Smyrna High School was named one of 17 schools from across the state as 2012-2013 DIAA State Champions in Sportsmanship.

More than 20 schools applied for the award; Smyrna is a first-time recipient of the award.

Smyrna High School Athletic Director Bill Schultz and coach Jennifer Lindell brought the banner the school received for the award to the Sept. 18 Smyrna School Board meeting at Clayton Elementary.

Shultz explained to the board that applying for the award was an extensive process with various standards that must be met in order for a school to win the honor.

"It's not just what we represent on the field," Schultz said.

Schultz said the school hopes to spread the message of good sportsmanship throughout the school through a campaign with the student government. He said sportsmanship goes along with the core values of the district and it's something that's instilled in the student athletes and the entire district.

"It's a compliment for who the Smyrna School District is as well," Schultz said.

School board member Ron Eby said he's proud of Smyrna High School for receiving the sportsmanship award.

"Hopefully each and every year we'll be hearing about Smyrna winning another banner," Eby said.

Dulin to retire

The school board approved several personnel changes at the meeting, including the retirement of Clayton Elementary Principal Mike Dulin. The retirement is effective Oct. 31, 2013.

Change approved to chaperone/volunteer application

The board approved one modification to the chaperone/volunteer application form. Assistant Superintendent Patrik Williams said the change adds the need for emergency contact information for the chaperone/volunteer.

Before the approval of the change, there was some discussion regarding background checks for chaperones and volunteers. Board President Jeff Clark asked if chaperones and volunteers are required to do background checks.

Williams said volunteers are but chaperones are not required to do so.

"In today's world, that may be something good to look into," Clark said.

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