The Smyrna Town Council meeting previously scheduled for tonight, March 3, has been rescheduled for Monday, March 10 due to the snow storm that hit the area today.

Previously Reported

Smyrna Town Council will meet Monday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. at town hall.

Town hall is located at 27 S. Market St. Plaza.

The following items are under "Old Business"

Appointment and swearing-in of Board of Assessors Second reading: Ord. No. 001-14, an ordinance to amend Chapter 70 ("Utilities"), Section 70-172 "Service Classifications, GS, General Service, Commercial Nondemand and Industrial" to provide for "Low usage" and "High usage" industrial demand customer classifications, and Section 70-175 "Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Clause" to correct a typograhical error Consideration and possible action on adding sally port to new police station The following items are under "New Business"

Consideration and possible vote on 2014 addition to tax bills resolution, and to include penalties from March, April, and May 2014 Consideration and possible vote to approve posting of assessment list Discussion on the following: An ordinance to amend Appendix A 5 ("Zoning") of the Town Code of the Town of Smyrna by Amending Section 5 ("District Regulations"), Subsection 14 ("Industrial/Office/Research Park District"), to include Registered Compassion Centers and Registered Safety Compliance Facilities as a Conditional Use First reading: Ord. No. 002-14, an ordinance to amend Chapter 66 ("Traffic and Vehicles"), Article III ("Stopping, standing and parking"), 66-103 ("Parking in fire lanes"), 66-104 ("Handicapped parking and signage for persons with disabilities") and 66-112 ("Penalty for violations of article") to allow for the increase in fine amounts and remove the lowering of fine amounts upon prompt payment at the police department