The headliner and the final four mystery bands for "Smyrna at Night" was revealed last week. This week, organizers hint at some of the non-musical elements of the new one-night-only festival taking over downtown Smyrna streets later this month.

Last week, Gable Music Ventures revealed the final official lineup for the “Smyrna at Night” music festival. The last musicians announced included The Joe Trainor Trio, Harper’s Fellow, the Tim Hein Band and Mike Weyrauch.

Those four acts join 10 others for a lineup that goes 14 deep: Nadjah Nicole, Bullbuckers, The Late Saints, The Honey Badgers and Justin McNatt of the Justin McNatt Band, Brooke Dicaro, Lovebettie, the Richard Carl Band, the Kevin McCove Band and the Billy Penn Burger Band.

Lovebettie, a four-piece Pittsburgh band, was originally scheduled to do an acoustic set but just before the final lineup notice, GMV took to Facebook to say, “We just can’t wait any longer to announce that instead of doing an acoustic set, Lovebettie is bringing the whole band to close out the festivities at the Smyrna Opera House.”

Lovebettie holds the recent distinction of having Rolling Stone Magazine refer to it as a “band to watch.” Self-described as “pioneers of swagger rock,” band members have defined their sound as a mix of soul, rock and pop. Fronted by Alexandra Naples, who sports a shock of electric red hair that she backs up with an explosive, leading-lady voice and compelling keyboard skills, the band has garnered the attention of classic acts like Bon Jovi to attention-grabbers like Lady Gaga.  

When the event was announced earlier this month, Gable Music Ventures co-owner Jeremy Hebbel said that organizers were committed to getting a diverse lineup of local and regional bands. True to his word, the final list contains a little bit of rock, folk, blues, R&B, ska, country and more.

With so many bands to see in one night, Mayor Joanne Masten said she just doesn’t know at which stage friends and neighbors can expect to spy her.

“I want to see them all,” Masten said. “I listen to a lot of country but I know the caliber of bands that Gable Music Ventures has booked is amazing and there is going to be something for everyone.”

In addition to music, Smyrna Public Information Officer Dawn Thompson has been working on non-music elements of the festival like parking and vendors. She said earlier this week that she has reached out to a list of about 40 vendors selling everything from food to fashion.

“I’m still finalizing things so I’m not quite ready to divulge everything,” Thompson explained. “We have a lot of interest, though. They’re all asking the right questions and I think we’re going to have some good participation. I’m hoping to nail down the list by Friday.”

Both Masten and Thompson said that they’ve been thrilled with the local response to the festival.

“I’ve live here my whole life and we’ve never done anything like this in Smyrna,” Masten said. “But, that’s not the only reason to be excited. What excites me is how very benevolent and cooperative everyone has been to make this happen. Donations have poured in from businesses and individuals. You can tell that everyone wants to see Smyrna grow.”