Featuring 14 bands across seven stages, Smyrna's first music festival, "Smyrna at Night" drew in a large crowd, who were all anxious to turn up the volume downtown.

Close to 1,000 music fans gathered at seven local hotspots to hear 14 band belt out original music last week during “Smyrna at Night,” the town’s first attempt at a localized music festival.

Mayor Joanne Masten said she was thrilled with the turnout as well as the caliber of bands performing.

“As far as I could tell from comments from those in attendance, overall it went very well,” Masten said. “Businesses exceeded their expectations while vendors felt they should have had extra staff onboard. The museum had more than 100 sign the register, which was great news for them.”

She added that organizers are already planning a repeat performance of “Smyrna at Night,” saying that they “would very much like to offer entertainment on a monthly basis through the spring and summer.” There is even talk of trying out two events per month next year.

In the meantime, Masten said organizers have already pinpointed areas of improvement, which came up during their recap meeting on Monday.
“We probably should have provided some extra seating in some of the venues,” she explained. “And, it would have been helpful to have had more access to water, soda and other drinks.”