Shooting happened early Saturday morning in Sunnyside Village, off of Carter Road in Smyrna.

Police have identified the armed suspect who was shot and killed Saturday by a Smyrna officer.

The suspect was Kenneth Mathena, 52, of Smyrna, according to Cpl. Brandon Dunning. His body was turned over to the State  Division of Forensic Science, where a full autopsy will be conducted.

At this time, no information about the autopsy is available, Dunning said.


Officers were initially called on Friday at 11:23 p.m., about a domestic dispute in which the boyfriend was armed at apartment building #30 on Malvern Lane in Sunnyside Village. At that time, the suspect wasn't found.

Police received a second report about the armed suspect returning to the apartment on Saturday at about 12:18 a.m.

When officers arrived, they found Mathena in front of building #30 on Malvern Lane. Officers saw that he was holding a firearm and immediately began giving repeated verbal commands to Mathena to put the gun down and drop the weapon, Dunning said.

Mathena refused to comply with the verbal commands and then turned towards officers, allegedly pointing the firearm at them, Dunning said. It was at this time the officer shot the armed suspect. Methena's shotgun was recovered at the scene by investigators.

Officers from the Clayton Police Department and the Delaware State Police immediately responded to the scene to provide assistance with this incident.

At the beginning of this investigation, the Smyrna Police Department contacted and requested assistance from an outside agency who was not involved in this incident -- the City of Dover Police Department.

"At the request of our agency, the investigation into the shooting is being conducted by the City of Dover Police Department in conjunction with the State of Delaware Attorney’s General Office," Dunning said. "The Smyrna Police Department is cooperating fully with the investigation."

Dunning said no further information will be released about this investigation until it's concluded, at which time a full release off all investigative details will be made available.