After a fibromyalgia diagnosis, Marnie Hass found inspiration in her massage therapist.

Now with a private practice of her own in downtown Smyrna, Hass hopes more people will discover the same benefits of massage and reiki she enjoys.

Butterflies & Wildflowers focuses on “healing for your mind, body and soul,” according to the 17-year reiki master and 15-year licensed massage therapist.

“I work with people who use massage as part of their wellness plan to manage chronic illnesses such as headaches, fibromyalgia and sciatica. I see athletes who want to improve their flexibility and performance. I also work with a lot of mommies-to-be to help ease the aches and pains as their body changes,” she explained.

But not everyone visits Hass with a physical condition. Some, she added, simply need the relaxation like a recent 8-year-old massage and reiki client.

“She comes out of session looking rested and relaxed. I asked her how she felt and she said, ‘That was wonderfully amazing.’ That made my day,” Hass said.

Hass is licensed in both Delaware and Maryland and works with clients of all ages as a nationally certified licensed massage therapist, reiki master and certified baby’s first massage instructor.

She has also been trained in reflexology, mu xing therapy and hot stone massages to name a few specialty areas.

Although Hass only just moved her business to the new location at 35 N. Main St. in Smyrna in September, she has worked in the Smyrna and Clayton area before both in her own practice and with others.

The new location is situated just doors down from The Inn at Duck Creek, Drunk’n Baker and other downtown Smyrna merchants which made it a prime location for the studio.

“I enjoy being part of the downtown revitalization that is going on,” she said. “I also have a great love of history and enjoy learning more and more about this building as I continue to hear from the locals.”

She contributes a lot of her own success to referrals: “I say I have the best clients, because it’s true.”

“My goal is to make Butterflies & Wildflowers a place of healing, where our clients know they can come and make successful progress in their overall wellness plan,” she continued.

Products and services at Butterflies & Wildflowers range individually from $5 to $130. Services are available by appointment only with daytime, evening and weekend availability.

Find Hass online at or by phone at (443) 350-0781.