Sometimes it can be hard to try new things, but Feastival is at least making it easier to try new foods.

Delaware is having its first ever Restaurant Week called Feastival. More than 10 participating restaurants across the state will offer three-course meals that are priced at $25, $35 and $45.

Cities and states across the country hold this week to encourage people to try restaurants and foods they otherwise might never have tried by offering discounted meals for one week. First State Feastival will take place Monday through Thursday.

Here are seven participating restaurants in the New Castle county-area and which place might be worth a try.

1. Chesapeake Inn Restaurant & Marina: Chesapeake City, Maryland

If you are looking for a three-course seafood-filled meal, Chesapeake is offering a quite the deal. For $35, the choices include a soup, salad or meatball starter with a choice of scallops, short rib gnocchi or pork tenderloin main course. If you are looking for a double-chocolate dessert or a pumpkin-flavored treat to get you ready for fall, Chesapeake might be the much needed stop.

2. Jessop’s Tavern: New Castle

Comfort food is the move with Jessop’s. The tavern is offering a $25 three-course meal with main course picks of pork loin, rainbow trout and pot roast with a cherry cobbler to top it off. You appetizer does not stray too much from the norms of house salad and soup of the day. But the restaurant is offering comfort food options that others might not have.

3. Metro Pub & Grill: Middletown

For people who are looking to just be surprised, Metro is the place to go. The pub has not released its restaurant week menu, so who knows what the deals will be, but I’m sure looking at the traditional menu would give enough clues to what it might be offering.

4. La Casa Pasta: Newark

La Casa Pasta is the only Italian restaurant on New Castle county’s list, so for those seeking pasta, this is it. They only offer two choices for the main course — shrimp scampi and sirloin.

But they offer a bit more contrast from other places in the first course with a crab bisque, caesar salad and stuffed mushrooms. And the tiramisu as a dessert option should be enough for someone to say yes to La Casa Pasta for a weekday dinner at $35.

5. The Pub at Frog Hollow Golf Club: Middletown

Craft brew, local spirits and a sampler of house-made doughnut holes. That is what you can get at this Middletown pub. For $25 a person, you can start off with brussel sprouts, avocado hummus, crab balls and cheesesteak nachos with a second course of fish, steaks, ribs or chicken. So classic pub food, but with doughnuts.

6. Kitty Knight: Georgetown, Maryland

Soup, Soup and Soup. That is what will be your choice of a first course at Kitty Knight followed by salad, salad or salad. Have no fear, this is the only place of the New Castle county restaurants that gives you four courses (even though it’s not actually in the county).

Steak, chicken and eggplant will give you a few basic options for the pickier of the eaters, with raspberry cheesecake, chocolate cake or apple crisp to top off your meal. A great option for those who are not looking to go to far out of their comfort zones for $35 a person.

7. Twinny’s Place: Galena, Maryland

If one thing you have been missing from the other choices, is pie, Twinny’s has your back. After two courses you get to end the meal with any slice of homemade pie. But you have to make it through the soup or salad starter, and the main dish of crab cakes, flounder or baked ham.