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Starting July 21 you will see:

Faster loading on all pages Infinite scroll allows you to breeze easily through articles More images and larger videos and photo galleries Easy navigation on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops

We hope you enjoy the site, developed in partnership with world-renowned design firm Garcia Media. The goal is to improve the experience for our readers and advertisers. We think it does just that and hope you agree.

      Where are the obituaries?

On a desktop browser, you can find a link at the top of the page.

From July 20, 2016

All your favorite content is in the Sections menu.

From July 20, 2016    I don’t see the link to sections I usually visit, how do I find them now?

Go to the Sections button at the upper left the page and click for a full menu of sections. On a tablet, it's in the middle at the top.

   What is different on the article pages?

Scroll down the page and the articles will load as you go. Below the article you will find even more headlines related to the article you have just completed. If you do not want to continue scrolling and want to go Home, simply navigate back using the Sections button at the top left.

   How do I comment on a story?

At the end of a story, you will see a blue link that says “Jump to comments.” This link will take you directly to the commenting box. You can also scroll to find the comments section. You will need to register through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a Gmail account to comment.