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 Republican Primary Candidates  Click here to jump to the Democratic Party list.   Governor Lacey Lafferty Colin Bonini   Insurance Commissioner George Parish Jeffrey E. Cragg   Sussex County Council District 2 Lisa Hudson Briggs Samuel R. Wilson Jr District 3 Kevin E. Burdette I. G. Burton III Mark Gerard Schaeffer Frank E. Shade   General Assembly House District 33 (K) Morgan Ann Hudson Charles S. Postles Jr. Robert James Scott House District 35 Robert D. Mitchell David L. Wilson Democratic Primary Candidates U.S. Congress Sean Barney Michael C. Miller Sr. Lisa Blunt Rochester Bryan Townsend Russell Eugene Walker Elias J. Weir   Lt. Governor Sherry Dorsey Walker Bradley S. Eaby Gregory Fuller Sr. Bethany Hall-Long  Kathleen McGuiness Ciro C. Poppiti III   Insurance Commissioner Paul J. Gallagher Jr. Trinidad Navarro Karen Weldin Stewart   Kent Levy Court District 3 Allan F. Angel  D. Keith Mumford    General Assembly Senate District 1 (N) Harris B. McDowell III  Joseph D. McCole  Senate District 9 (N) Caitlin M. Olsen  John Walsh  House District 7 (N) David D. Brady Robert Cameron Joseph Dangle Bryon Short  House District 9 (N) Monique Johns  Richard Griffiths House District 10 (N) Sean Matthews  Dennis E. Williams House District 14 (S) Don R. Peterson  Peter C. Schwartzkopf House District 15 (N) Valerie Longhurst James Burton