University of Delaware has named a number of local students to its fall 2016 dean’s list.

Students named to the dean’s list include:

Clayton: Kelsey Carney, Leanna Carroll, Briyana Chisholm, Sharlie Chisholm, Andrea Davis, Cherie Larkin, Mary Lemma, Ashley Lennon, Alyssa Mears, Morgan Popovich, Laura Smith, Emily Sponseller, Katelyn Stidham, Alexander Stubbolo, Jacqueline Valladares, William Walker and Anna Williams of Clayton.

Smyrna: Farhad Baqi, Shelby Bledsoe, Cayla Carter, Georgette Class-Peters, Ashly Cometa, Robyn Corso, DeAndre Davis, Taylor Douty, Daniel Garzarella, Lauren Gaston, Lisa Gathura, Andrew Gilbert, Allison Hall, Colton Herbein, Shane Hierlmaier, Paige Howarth, Madison Kinsey, Justin Lemmon, Haley Lloyd, Molly McCommons, Mark Meloni, Branham Menard, Raigan Nickle, Onyekachi Njubigbo, Casey Polasko, Elizma Pretorius, Ruby Robles, Alison Sayers, Autumn Schrader, Savannah Shepps, Nicole Simpson, Shruti Sirapu, Madison Spadafino, Emilia Tigani, Gabrielle Waters, Keyarah Watson and Jordan Yeomans.

To meet eligibility requirements for the dean's list, a student must be enrolled full-time and earn a GPA of 3.33 or higher for the semester.