The Delaware Biker Chicks was honored Dec. 11 by the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

During the past year, the Delaware Biker Chicks have worked to raise awareness and funds on behalf of domestic violence victims. They hosted a Chickstock 2017 in October, which will have an impact on efforts to help prevent young people from being victimized by domestic violence.

The Delaware Biker Chicks learned about the prevalence and impact of domestic violence over the past year. The group, which is made up of a diverse group of women throughout the state, is dedicated to raising funds for a different organization every year, and their work around domestic violence has become a personal one. The Delaware Biker Chicks and DCADV have formed a partnership, and both plan to continue to work together.

“We are so appreciative of the generosity and commitment from the Delaware Biker Chicks. This donation will support our primary prevention work, which aims to stop domestic violence before it even starts. These funds will expand our work in schools, so that over the next year school children in Delaware will have opportunities to learn about healthy relationships, communication skills and empowerment, while teachers will learn better ways of creating safe learning environments so that every child can thrive,” said Mariann Kenville-Moore, director of advocacy and policy at the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Chickstock 2017 was a Halloween-themed event that raised $13,000, which was donated to the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence at their holiday reception. The Biker Chicks were able to secure donations from local businesses, restaurants, stores, business owners, grocery stores and friends and family to keep their expenses minimal and their donation substantial.

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