Regardless of what the special prosecutor finds, the president's active and passive supporters have shown they will always stand with him.

Regardless of the outcome of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign, the pro-Trump faithful can rest easy, nothing is going to happen to their chosen one.

Sorry anti-Trumpers, but if you can’t see that by now you simply have not been paying attention the past year (and even before that).

Word that Mueller’s team has interviewed such top officials as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey, and that he wants to talk to the president about Comey’s firing, as well as delve into the circumstances surrounding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s abrupt departure have the given hope to the anti-Trump crowd that they will see justice served. It won’t happen.

Even if Mueller happens to dig up more evidence of obstruction then President Donald Trump has already admitted to in interviews and tweets, Republicans in Congress have pretty much stuck with their man through myriad controversies over the past year. Even as he has singled out members for ridicule, chastised them for failures and thrown disparaging tweets their way in a somewhat constant stream, they have stood by him. They’ve excused his lies and exaggerations as “just Trump being Trump.” They whistle quietly to themselves and walk away when the topic of his sexual misconduct arises. They’ve gone underground and not commented when he has gone totally off the rails – like suggesting there were some “good people” at a rally featuring Nazis and KKK members. And they have remained silent when he has attacked family members of veterans killed in the line of duty.

At this point, does anyone really believe that these folks are going to suddenly turn on him?

Not likely.

Do you think Trump supporters will turn on him?

Not in a million years.

Remember, this is the guy who at a January 2016 campaign stop in Iowa told the crowd “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

The past year has pretty much proven that out.

“But we’ll be able to take control of Congress and kick him out,” breathless anti-Trumpers say as they rub their hands together in anticipation of Mueller interrogating Trump.

Sure, more scandals ahead of the 2018 midterm elections might further tarnish the Republican brand and allow Democrats to pick up some seats in the Senate or House. But even if control of one or both chambers flips to the Democrats, nothing much is going to change. Democrats might be able to make life more miserable for Trump (think back to the endless stream of Benghazi investigations against Hillary Clinton instigated by Republicans), but they aren’t going to get him kicked out of office.

The House needs only a majority vote to impeach the president. But to convict, there needs to be a two-thirds majority in the Senate. If you think that is going to happen I have some nice ocean front property in Ohio you might be interested in.

Now granted, if Democrats do happen to win big this November, politically speaking the smart thing for Republicans to do would be to go along with the Democrats and quickly impeach Trump. Then, Vice President Mike Pence would take over and, because more than half the term would have passed, he would still be eligible to run for re-election twice – effectively giving the GOP a great shot at keeping the White House until 2028.

The Trump faithful wouldn’t like it of course, but the prospect of gaining seats in 2020, solidifying the Republican brand and keeping the White House for the foreseeable future may be attractive to some of the big-money folks in the party. And an incumbent President Pence would have a better chance of keeping the job than Trump would have at being re-elected, unless of course he manages to turn around his historic low approval ratings in the coming years.

In any case, nothing bad is going to happen to Trump as long as the Republicans in Congress continue to side with him, and based on what Trump has already done, nothing Mueller’s investigation might reveal is going to get them to change course and oppose him.

In fact, when it comes to voting someone off this reality show island that our nation has devolved into, regardless of what the investigation reveals, Mueller is more likely going to be the one packing his bags and leaving. The tribe has spoken.

Jim Lee is Editor for Gatehouse Media Delaware. Email him at