Instructors from Delaware State Fire School give lessons with hand tools and portable hydraulic tools

Two instructors from the Delaware State Fire School conducted training at the Clayton Fire Company Jan. 15 about how to use force when needed to enter a building, using hand tools and portable hydraulic tools.

The instructors also emphasized controlling the door so it doesn’t swing wide open and allow a great volume of air into a building.

"Just opening the door is not enough today. The member needs to know how to control the door so we do not add more air into the facility causing the fire to increase in size and intensity," said Clayton 1st Assistant Chief John Pridemore. "This is not the wild west. You cannot just kick in a door and let it be open while the hose crew and others get ready."

This year the Clayton Fire Company has 28 scheduled training drills, and that number does not include training members will take at the State Fire School and at other classes throughout the year.

"Training in the most basic of skills is what keeps a fire department on their toes," said Clayton Fire Chief Wes Davis.