Women were on road crew

Six women overdosed today at Sussex Community Corrections Center in Georgetown.

Delaware Department of Corrections spokesperson Jayme Gravelle said that all six women were hospitalized and have since been released. There were no deaths as a result of this incident. It's not yet known what substance was used, nor how they obtained it.

The women were all part of the Violation of Probation program and had been working on a road crew collecting trash. Gravelle said names could be released, pending charges. For the time being, all of the women involved have been transferred to Baylor Women's Correctional Institution in New Castle.

Sussex Community Corrections Center is a Level 4 facility that houses males and females in the Violation of Probation, Work Release and Crest Substance Abuse Treatment programs, and sits on the grounds of Sussex Correctional Institution.

According to the DOC website, the Violation of Probation program is a military-style and highly regimented program in a stark, no-frills environment. Offenders rise daily at 5 a.m. for community service or institutional assignments, including those that benefit towns, churches, non-profit organizations, American Legions, senior and recreation centers, schools and cemeteries.