Students from The Jefferson School’s sixth, seventh and eighth grades made a strong showing at the Sussex County Science Fair March 5 at Delaware Technical Community College.

Zoe Peter’s project, “Parkin’ Parkinson’s,” netted her first place in the eighth grade entries and four special awards and $400. She will go on to compete in the Delaware Valley Regionals in April. Zoe’s project studied the morphology of the bacterial colonies of the saliva from people with and without Parkinson’s disease to see if she could see any differentiation. She found that 99 percent of the colonies on the cultures incubated from Parkinson’s patients presented with a flat elevation. She is now cooperating with university professors to further advance her research.

Three seventh-graders and one sixth-grader earned special recognition and prizes. Kalei Chowdhry’s entry “Facing Off Against Bacteria” earned the first-place medal and a Women in Science special award along with $150. Dylan Thomas’s “Reduce, Reuse…Recharge?” won the second-place medal, an Environmental Science special award and $75. Natalie Benz’s entry “Oil Overboard” received an honorable mention and $25 prize. Sixth-grader Ellis Jack took home a second-place medal for “Totally Tubular” along with four special awards and $325.