The Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association is accepting grant applications for its "Plant a Tree/Grant a Tree Program" and for plaques for historic homes.

The Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association is committed to preserving the natural beauty and quality of life in Smyrna. An important part of this effort is planting trees, which enhance the natural aesthetics, increase property values, and benefit the environment.

The association is accepting applications for its "Plant a Tree/Grant a Tree Program" which awards funds to neighborhoods, non-profits, and homeowners within the Town of Smyrna as an incentive to plant trees and enhance the beauty of the community.

Members of the association can receive a matching grant up to $100 annually for a tree planting. Yet-to-be members can receive a grant up to $50 annually. Priority will be given to applications from members and for trees within the Town of Smyrna's designated Historical District.

In addition to funding, the association will provide technical assistance in selecting a tree which will meet the needs of the applicant as well as helpful suggestions on how to plant the tree.


The Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association also provides grants for plaques for historic homes in Smyrna's Historic District. The grant will fund up to half the cost of the plaque.

Association members qualify for matches up to $100, while yet-to-be members can qualify for $50 matching grants. A basic plaque costs about $116, although customized plaques cost more.

Some homes in Smyrna's Historic District already display the plaques which are fabricated by the Erie Landmark Company which makes plaques for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


The Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association promotes the revitalization of Smyrna's historic downtown by advocating for local small businesses, sponsoring downtown events, providing incentive grants to homeowners and businesses, and partnering with other organizations and agencies to preserve and enhance historic Smyrna.

The association will be undertaking numerous other beautification projects in Smyrna's Historic District later this year and is looking for volunteers to assist.

The association receives no direct support from local, state or federal governments for its operations.

Residents are invited to join the association which offers a number of great events each year including its signature Wine Tasting Garden Party which this year will be held in the garden the historic John Day Perkins Homestead on Sunday, Sept. 9 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.


For more information about these grants, joining the association or volunteering, call (302) 653-6449 or visit the association's website at