This band had a villain fry up chicken in their Memphis home, while on tour

It’s bad enough to have your house broken into. But it really crosses the line when the burglar eats up your food too. 

That’s what happened to Firefly band Southern Avenue. While on tour in May, band members Ori Naftaly (guitar) and Tierinii Jackson (vocals) had their Memphis, Tenn., home burglarized.

The culprit(s) stole items including guitars, gear and some chicken, according to Facebook posts by Jackson and Naftaly on their personal pages.

“MEMPHIS, where they rob your house and fry your chicken before they leave,” Jackson wrote in a Facebook post May 21.

Since the burglary, Naftaly has been vocal on social media that he’s looking on the bright side of things, despite his unfortunate situation.

Naftaly announced May 29 on Facebook that he and Jackson have a new home.

Looking ahead to Southern Ave making their Firefly debut June 15, Naftaly dished on the burglary, moving to America from Israel and more.

It’s crazy someone broke into your house.

I didn’t think so many people [on the internet] would care about it that much. I’m blessed. There’s a lot of people with a lot of bad things happening to them; and there’s musicians who can’t afford the most basic things. While it is very upsetting, I am playing a $200 guitar and two [foot] pedals. There’s a lot of good things in my life and I’m feeling blessed, you know. I don’t want to make a big thing about it. It’s all good. It’s bad, but it’s really okay.

How do you know the burglar(s) fried your chicken?

You know how you left the house. You can come back and could see what was used and what was not used. We had a friend who came by every few days to check the mail and the cat. It was just drug addicts that basically stole whisky, food and my guitar. They were not professionals. So that makes me feel a bit better.

For those who may not be fans yet, describe your music in 10 words or less.

Funky, bluesy, soulful sound of Memphis with our own interpretation.

What’s something a lot of fans don’t know about the band?

Tierinii has two kids who are 4 and 5. I don’t think a lot of people know that, because we tour so much, so nobody actually believes she has two kids. Her parents are such a big help.

How did you end up in Memphis?

I had a solo band. I saw an opportunity to represent Israel at the International Blues Challenge. I managed to make it here. Long story short, I made some fans and managed to keep booking myself here. Two years later I decided to change some things up and acquired Tierinii and TK [Jackson], my lead singer and drummer. After a few months we decided to start a new band together and start our own project as partners.

Describe the culture shock you experienced with moving to America.

People who live in the city think their whole world surrounds around them; and they don’t understand that there’s people an hour, 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours away who live a completely different reality.

People just don’t understand if it’s not good for you where you are, you can start fresh somewhere different. Every state [in America] is a different country with different rules and a different atmosphere with different vibes. That’s what shocked me.

When you compare Mississippi to California, it’s like comparing some country in Central America to [some other place]. It’s just so backwards here, which is cool; and I love it. But I thought that a lot of the things that I already thought were over here are not really over, whether that’s racism or corporate slavery.

In my head, America was one big piece of a country. Now I realize that depending on where you want to live [determines] the America that you’re going to get.