A patient dedicated the cardiac room at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus.

Lindsay Rhodenbaugh, president of the Bayhealth Foundation and a senior vice president at Bayhealth, left his office with a feeling of heaviness in his chest in October 2017. Having already sustained a heart attack a few years before, he knew something was wrong and immediately went to Bayhealth Emergency and Trauma Services, Kent Campus. He was admitted and underwent triple bypass open heart surgery.

The surgery was successful in clearing blockages. Rhodenbaugh recovered in the cardiovascular intensive care unit at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus, and continues to benefit from the services provided at cardiopulmonary rehab.

In appreciation of the care he received, Rhodenbaugh and his wife, Tami, had a plaque placed outside of the CVSICU room where he recovered. A reception recently was held at Bayhealth to commemorate the placement of the plaque. The Rhodenbaughs expressed their appreciation of the cardiac team, emergency department staff and the numerous physicians who played a role in saving his life.

The plaque and reception came at the completion of the couple’s multi-year pledge to Bayhealth. They donate regularly through payroll deduction to the Bayhealth Foundation.

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