Residents are asked to attend a walk at a school in the Smyrna School District or Providence Creek Academy, First State Military Academy or Smyrna Christian School

Shirley Watterson and Cheryl Drummond are organizing a prayer walk for school safety Tuesday, Aug. 21 at 7:30 p.m., at all the schools in the Smyrna-Clayton area.

They are asking community residents to pick a school and join the walk around that school. Along with all the schools in the Smyrna School District, walkers are also needed at Providence Creek Academy, First State Military Academy and Smyrna Christian School.

“We will have a leader and co-leader at each school, and hopefully a church pastor, to lead the prayer and then everyone at that school will walk around the school,” said Watterson.

People who have difficulty walking but would like to participate are welcome to bring a lawn chair to a school and show support during the event.

“We want our students, teachers, staff members and elected officials to know how important this is for us. We’re hoping for a lot of support from the community,” said Watterson. “We want the people in power to see this so they will make the changes needed to improve school safety.”

For more information, call Watterson at (302) 653-7120 or Drummond at (302) 593-5953.