In the 9th District of southeastern New Castle County, Monique Johns won a three-way Democratic primary for the right to face incumbent Republican Rep. Kevin Hensley in the general election.

Monique Johns won a three-way race Thursday in the Democratic primary for 9th District state representative.

Here are the vote totals:

Monique Johns 1,204 votes; 50.14 percent;

Debbie Harrington 754 votes; 31.4 percent;

James Ryan 443 votes; 18.46 percent.

Johns, 54, of Middletown, said her campaign "will embrace our rapidly changing culture and economy by providing solutions that will add value to the following areas: education, job creation, women equality, mental health services, clean water, air, and safety and security."

"Education remains the bedrock of any strong community of people," she said in her response to the GateHouse Media Delaware candidate questionnaire featured on the Transcript's website.

"I will fight to make sure we have funding for our schools and that includes our children with disabilities. Growing up in a home with a disabled child has made me a champion for those who can’t fight for themselves," Johns said.

She will support legislation to start providing funding for children with disabilities in kindergarten.

Her plan "involves changing the culture of how we fund education" by identifying "all the benefactors of a well-educated society and provide partnership opportunities to reach our common goal," she said.

Johns will face incumbent Republican Kevin Hensley in the general election in November. Candidate profiles are online at