Masonic Charities of Delaware contributed $5,000 to Green Beret Project coordinators on Sept. 13 in Dover.

The Green Beret Project includes police officers, volunteers from the Delaware Department of Corrections, the military, businesses and the community. It offers at-risk youth dynamic programming after school and on weekends. During these sessions, adult cadre build rapport and trust while identifying future young leaders for the program. There is informal and formal mentorship for youth.

Grades, behavior, and home life are monitored to assist and support parents/guardians in keeping kids in school and on-track to graduate. As Green Beret Project youth mature, they are given opportunities to explore their future to include vocational training or college prep.

The Green Beret Project has been able to achieve disproportionate effects with minimal resources as they expand services beyond Dover into Wilmington and New Castle County.

“We are, more than ever, in need of assistance to continue the fight,” said Adam Kramer, who explained that the recidivism rate for juvenile offenders not involved in mentorship programs is about 85 percent.

“This year we are donating in excess of $200,000 to 28 local charitable organizations,” said Cole. “Last year we were able to provide $120,000 assistance to 18 charitable organizations.”

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