Delaware’s Division of Public Health is advising Kent County residents who live in the area of Still Road between Pony Track and Mahan Corner roads near Sandtown of a positive case of rabies in a fox that came into contact with a human recently.

The fox attacked a chicken on the victim’s property and then bit the individual’s leg. The individual started treatment for rabies exposure.

Anyone in this area who thinks they might have been bitten, scratched or come in contact with a fox should immediately contact their health care provider or call the DPH Rabies Program at 744-4995. An epidemiologist is available 24/7. Anyone who thinks their pet may have been bitten by this fox should call their private veterinarian or the Delaware Department of Agriculture at 698-4630 or email

Since Jan. 1, the DPH has performed rabies tests on 118 animals, 12 of which were confirmed to be rabid, including four foxes (including this one), three raccoons, two cats, one dog, one horse and one donkey. Rabies tests performed on five animals — one sheep, two bats and two dogs — were indeterminate. DPH announces those rabies cases for which it is possible the animal had unknown contacts with additional humans or pets.

In addition, DPH recently announced Delaware's first positive case of rabies in a human in nearly 80 years. A Felton woman died in August after contracting the disease.