Gov. John Carney recently released the second annual report of the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board.

Carney established GEAR by executive order in February 2017 to identify ways for state government to operate more efficiently, improve the delivery of state services and save costs over the long term.

By Dec. 1 of each year, the board must submit a report to the governor that provides recommendations for possible inclusion in the upcoming recommended state budget. Carney will present his fiscal 2020 budget proposal Jan. 24 at the Delaware Public Archives, 121 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. N, Dover.

“Since taking office, I have talked to Delawareans about our commitment to operating state government more efficiently, and identifying cost savings so we can direct resources where they are most needed,” said Carney. “We remain committed to improving the way we deliver state services and spending taxpayer dollars responsibly. That’s what Delawareans expect. Thank you to members of GEAR for their important work on this report.”

GEAR Board members presented Carney with a series of recommendations for efficiency initiatives to be implemented across a number of focus areas, including criminal justice, education, financial services, health and social services, human resources, information technology and public-private partnerships. Among these recommended efficiency initiatives are activities that state government agencies can undertake to improve the quality of services, lower the cost of agency operations, and create new methods for improving the recruitment, development, and retention of state employees.

“GEAR seeks to make specific recommendations that will increase the efficiency of state government, improve the state’s strategic planning process, further institute the use of metrics in resource allocation decisions, and develop sustainable continuous improvement practices,” said James Myran, executive director of GEAR, and Bryan Sullivan, director of management efficiency at the Delaware Office of Management and Budget. “We’re working to create the process effectiveness and transparency that Delaware citizens expect from their government.”