Sen. Chris Coons released a statement Jan. 25 after President Donald Trump agreed to support a three week continuing resolution to end the partial government shutdown and reopen the federal government.

“For the last 35 days, millions of Americans have faced increasing threats to our health and safety and hundreds of thousands of federal employees have endured significant hardships simply because President Trump refused to accept a bipartisan agreement in Congress to fund the government and negotiate significant investments in border security,” said Coons.

“I’m encouraged the president has realized he cannot get what he wants by recklessly shutting down the government. I helped lead a bipartisan effort in the Senate to urge President Trump to reopen the government for three weeks and allow Congress to debate appropriate border security and immigration policies,” said Coons.

“I support smart, effective border security investments and humane changes to our immigration system, and I am committed to working with Republicans and Democrats to reach those goals,” said Coons.