Federal workers can get a state loan to help with finances strained by the shutdown, or a potential future shutdown. Call West End Neighborhood House at 302-658-4171.

Gov. John Carney has announced state-guaranteed, low-interest loans to assist federal workers who are going unpaid during the federal government shutdown. About 500 federal employees who live in Delaware continue to go unpaid.

West End Neighborhood House will assist workers in completing applications, and will offer optional financial coaching.

According to Emily David, contacted in Carney's office just after news that the shutdown had ended, "We’re relieved that the federal government will at least temporarily re-open.

"Workers should still contact West End about their potential eligibility," she wrote in an email. "Should the government close again, we are committed to offering this assistance to federal workers and their families."

Loans through the program announced Thursday would be made by a financial institution with a loan guarantee from the Delaware State Housing Authority, which will guarantee the loans from revenue generated through the agency’s Homeownership Loan Program. Federal workers may access the loans with no credit check required, and will be eligible to receive up to one-month’s net pay.

Workers and their families could use loans to keep up with their mortgages, pay utility bills, and other housing-related expenses during the shutdown.

“Federal workers in Delaware and across the country are going without pay during this shutdown through no fault of their own,” said Carney. “These workers have families who rely on their paychecks to pay their mortgages and other important bills. We ought to do what we can to help our neighbors as this shutdown continues.”

Loan managers also will help applicants determine eligibility, complete the necessary paperwork, and the amount of the available loan. M&T Bank, in partnership with West End Neighborhood House, has agreed to make loans available statewide.

“In the past, DSHA has guaranteed similar short term housing assistance loans provided by West End Neighborhood House, and we are glad to use the resources established through our existing partnerships to respond quickly to this unique need,” said Anas Ben Addi, director of the Delaware State Housing Authority.

The loans will offer flexible payment terms and optional financial counseling through $tand by Me.

“This loan assistance will be a lifeline to federal workers, helping them make ends meet and supporting their day-to-day life while they continue to work without pay,” said House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst.

“This government shutdown has been egregious, and this is a small but important step to helping them meet their obligations and one less thing to worry about during this difficult time. I thank Gov. Carney for persisting and finding a solution when things looked bleak.”

“This shutdown and the damage it is causing in Delaware justifies swift state action, “ said Senate Majority Whip Bryan Townsend.

“I’m thankful that Gov. Carney has acted with the urgency that this problem so clearly demands, I appreciate Rep. Longhurst’s leadership on legislative efforts, and I sincerely hope that we can find a way to reopen the federal government as soon as possible.”

“West End is once again pleased to participate in a public private partnership that allows Delawareans financial security,” said Paul Calistro, executive director of West End Neighborhood House.

“The West End Neighborhood House does great work helping Delawareans achieve self-sufficiency through economic independence,” said Nick Lambrow, president of M&T Bank’s Delaware Region. “We have supported West End for nearly a century, and are glad to support their efforts to expand the existing Loans Plus program and provide short-term, low interest loans to those affected by the partial government shutdown.”