Emaciated dog found in Dover mobile home park now settled

Jasmine is finally, and legally, home.

The Kent County Justice of the Peace recently ruled in favor of the defendant after Harrington-based 2nd Chance Fur Babies Animal Rescue Inc. filed suit against Amber Norsworthy of Dover.

Jasmine was found in a Dover mobile home park residence in January. According to a 2nd Chance Fur Babies Facebook post, she was found in a crate, emaciated and covered in feces and cuts and scrapes.

2nd Chance founder Amber McIlroy Doan said that a representative of the rescue was called by the park manager. While serving an eviction notice, the manager noticed the dog in poor condition and contacted the representative, who went to see the dog and asked the owner if they could take it. He consented.

Charges were not filed against the owner. Dover Police Department Public Information Officer Mark Hoffman said the emaciation was caused by a medical condition and that the animal control officer involved didn’t observe any wounds.

Jasmine seemed to be in the clear until questions arose about who she belonged to.

Amber Norsworthy is an occasional employee of the mobile home park and had received consent from Jasmine’s original owner to take her into her care. At that time, she contacted Doan and accepted her assistance in caring for Jasmine while she recovered.

Somehow, Doan came to understand Norsworthy as Jasmine’s rescue foster, while Norsworthy continued to operate under the impression she was receiving assistance from the rescue for her dog. The Dover Police Department’s animal control officer became involved.

The officer turned Jasmine over to the Brandywine Valley SPCA, the state’s contracted shelter partner. The BVSPCA, in turn, gave Norsworthy the dog.

Doan filed suit in the Court of Common Pleas and showed that 2nd Chance incurred veterinarian costs for Jasmine. However, custody was awarded to Norsworthy after she provided documentation showing that the original owner surrendered Jasmine to her.

Jasmine is now settled in with Norsworthy and her kids and other dogs. She said her veterinarian estimated Jasmine to be between 10 and 12 years old and determined her skin issues to be pressure sores.

“She loves to run,” Norsworthy said. “She has no health problems at all, they tested her kidneys and everything. She was just really hungry.”