Some fun First State events to dive into this weekend.

1. You can share your joy for pirate culture (the kind who dress like nautical people, not the ones who illegally share movie files) with many others at the annual Bowers Beach Buccaneer Bash.

Folks are more than welcome to come dressed like pirates to this family-friendly festival where they’ll enjoy seaside entertainment and much more.

This year’s theme is “The Golden Age of Pyracy” and it pays homage to the famous late Delaware artist Howard Pyle, who became known for his pirate works.

You and your kids can dive into the Buccaneer Bash at The Bowers Beach Maritime Museum, 3357 Main St., Bowers Beach from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. COST Free. INFO Visit the Bowers Beach Maritime Museum on Facebook or 222-6341.

2. Rock and a little bit of country are key ingredients that make up Cracker.

The band’s 10th studio project is the double-album “Berkeley To Bakersfield,” which traverses two different sides of the California landscape: the northern Bay area and downstate in Bakersfield.

In the late ‘70s and ‘80s a harder-edged style of rock emerged from the Bay area, while Bakersfield is renowned for its iconic and twangy country sound.

Cracker will try to bring some sunny Cali weather to the First State with a gig at The Queen, 500 N. Market St., Wilmington at 8 p.m., Friday. COST $25. INFO or (202) 730-3331.

3. Being Amish isn’t for everyone. Four of the original six members of cover band The Amish Outlaws were born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they had a strict Amish upbringing.

They couldn’t have telephones, alcohol or musical instruments. With spirits too wild for the Amish lifestyle, the young men decided to leave their community and eventually started their own band.

But they’ve not completely shed their Amish ways. After all, the gang performs in straw hats and button-up shirts with suspenders and slacks.

The Amish Outlaws will stir up trouble at The Starboard, 2009 Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach from 3 to 6 p.m., Sunday. INFO or 227-4600.