First State Military Academy conducted a change-of-command ceremony May 8 in front of the cadet battalion and family members.

Battalion Cdr. Cadet Lt. Col. Brice Taylor symbolically passed the Marine Corps colors over to the new Battalion Cdr. Cadet Capt. Cole Pope, signifying the formal transfer of authority and responsibility from one commander to another.

The passing of the colors or flag from an outgoing commander to an incoming one ensures that the unit and its members maintains official leadership and a continuation of customs and traditions.

“I really owe a great deal of thanks to a group of seniors,” said Taylor. “They were the ones that stayed after school and spent the time supporting me.”

In his remarks following the assumption of command, Pope gave thanks to a particular group.

“I’d like to thank who I believe to be the unsung heroes of the battalion,” said Pope. “The cadets sitting on the hardwood floor right now. Luckily, I have the fortune of having 400 of the best and brightest cadets in the state of Delaware at my back.”

Taylor, a senior, graduated at the end of May and will head to Cedarville University in Ohio under an Army ROTC scholarship.