Delaware Hospice honored its volunteers at a recognition dinner held April 24 at Dover Downs.

To honor those volunteers, Delaware Hospice held a dinner to say “thank you” for their more than 20,000 hours of hard work. Nearly 227 volunteers and guests attended the event, where volunteers reaching five-year marks of service received special recognition. A special Community Partner Award was given to the Women of Israel United Methodist Church.

This year’s honorees are:

— 35 years of service: Gene Donnelly and Nancy Wrede.

— 30 years of service: Linda Bradford.

— 25 years of service: Kay Meade, Tracey Moore-Higbee, Roberta Weaber and Mary Wilt.

— 20 years of service: Barbara Foreman, Virginia Jones, Amanda Meade, Patricia Middleton and Rita Robinson.

— 15 years of service: Janice Agan, Sandi Billings, Ed Cronshaw, Mary Cronshaw, Ronda Douglas, Bette Frey, Gale Hamilton, Louise Havens, Joe Havens, Charles Ingersoll, Richard Logue, Charmaine Pardee, Constance Raymond, Patricia Rhodes, Gina Tarburton and Jane Waterman.

— 10 years of service: Mary Lou Cannatelli, Linda Hall, Regina Hansen, Sara Hutchinson, Paulette Hyland, Alfreda Jacobs, Bill Liggett, Pat McGlinn, Ariel Mutter, Jack Potter, Sherry Rainier, Michael Raser, Sharon Simmons, Pamela Skwish, Edwina Sloane and Dennis Strunk.

— Five years of service Ellen Aigne, Lillie Athill, Allan Atzrott, Tyler Baccino, Jessica Banning, Jan Beddie, Kristen Boc, Brenda Boyd, Rosemary Cosgrove-Schuler, Sue Dagenais, Cynthia Daniels, Donna Doraz, Catherine Dryden, Frank Duchesne, Mary Dupont, Bill Edrington, Brian Gillis, Craig Husted, Carol Leashefski, Julia Lee, Barbara Lofland, Jane Luhrs, Russell Luhrs, Gladys McColgan, Adrianna Nelson, Karen Newell, Dorothy Nicholson, Madeline Ortman, Joann Pfeifer, Sylvia Sheffler, Jim Shepherd, Clarence Smith, Vincenzina Walsh and Austin Wedo.

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