Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester issued a statement after voting on the evening of July 17 to table a motion to impeach President Donald Trump.

“This evening I voted to table a motion to impeach President Trump,” said Blunt Rochester. “Impeachment is one of the most serious actions that the House of Representatives can take, and as such, deserves a rigorous and deliberate process. There are currently six House Committees investigating the president and his associates and their actions, ranging from potential campaign finance violations to obstruction of justice. If the House is to move forward with impeaching the president, we need to present a case to the American people that is as strong and airtight as possible. Moving forward with proceedings right now does not afford us that opportunity. Let me be clear — my vote tonight is not about whether or not the president traffics in racist tropes or actions — he does. We must allow the relevant committees to complete their investigations and, in the meantime, continue to conduct rigorous oversight of the administration as we did tonight by voting to hold Attorney General Barr and Secretary Ross in contempt.”